Cookie policy

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files, holding a string of unique text (otherwise known as a ‘unique identifier’), that are downloaded onto your computer as you browse the internet. When you visit the website again, your cookies will inform that website that you have been there before – unless you visit from a different computer/browser or remove your cookies.

Cookies don’t generally contain any information which can be used to identify you and are unable to install anything on your computer as they are very basic text files.

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What are cookies used for?

Cookies are used to allow us to understand our customers and offer them an improved service. We can customise our site, based on their preferences, through a better understanding of how customers and individuals utilise our site. What we can’t do, is identify these individuals through our cookies – so there’s no need to worry!

The information we gather via cookies is not shared with any third parties.


What Cookies Do We Use?

To learn which cookies we utilise, and what we use them for, read on:

ASP.NET_SessionId – ASP.NET issues a cookie entitled ASP.NET_SessionId. These cookies are utilised to maintain your user session. If you disallow this cookie, it may cause the application to flounder.

__utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmz – these cookies implement the function of Google Analytics. This software assists us in researching visitor information such as browser usage, new visitor data and the response to marketing activity. This information will enable us to improve our website and services.

_vis_opt_xxxxxxxi – these cookies are facilitated by Visual Website Optimizer, which enables us to improve website usability.

WRUID – these cookies permit the function of Clicktale. This allows us to understand how people interact with our website, enabling us to make improvements to site content and navigation.


What cookies do third parties use?

Session cookies and persistent cookies are also utilised by some of our third-party partners, who serve advertisements for us. The cookies that may be used by these third parties are listed below and can be removed whenever you like, without causing any issues. These cookies do not contain any personal information about you.

Struq (pref) – Struq cookies gather browsing data – like the products you have looked at. Other website may then utilise this data(s) in their network to serve advertisements containing products that you may have looked at or similar products. Advertisements will always consist of a link to Struq’s Privacy Policy page. If you’d like to remove yourself from targeted advertising, or would like to view more information on why you are being retargeted, click the blue ‘i’ icon which can be found in the top right hand of every advertisement.

DoubleClick (various) – DoubleClick is an advertising business owned by Google. DoubleClick utilises cookies to serve our adverts on external websites. The DoubleClick cookie serves related ads to potential customers and collects information about how or if you are interacting with these ads. We use DoubleClick conversion tracking cookies to track on-site conversions.

Adform (various) – Adform’s advertising technology is used on many websites to gather statistics about visitors and collect information used to decide which ads to display, such as displaying relevant products to those a visitor has looked at previously. Adform uses a cookie mechanism for these reasons, but solely on an anonymous basis. This means that Adform holds no personal information like email addresses, names or addresses in the cookie or in the cookie-based profile.